Introducing our International Coaching Week 2019 event

29th April 2019 will signal the start of a week of global celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of International Coaching Week (ICW), an initiative driven by the International Coach Federation (ICF).*  ICW was first created in 1999 and the aim has always been to educate individuals and organisations on the benefits of working with a professional coach or building an internal coaching culture.

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North Point has been a proud contributor to ICW over the past 2 years and we see it as our opportunity to not only to support the ICF in promoting coaching to the wider community, but also to serve our clients with topics that are relevant to them.

During ICW this year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary, North Point will be running a series of Coaching-related workshops for organisations in Dubai, as well as hosting our own event.

ICW 2017: Creating Coaching Cultures

Our signature programme is a 16-week coach development programme and more than 80% of our course participants hail from a HR or L&D background. Therefore, for ICW 2017, our discussion was around “Creating Coaching Cultures”.

Our speaker and panel focused on the pains that organisations were currently struggling with and how building a coaching culture could speak to and resolve that pain. Our panel also focused on some of the difficulties that could be experienced when building a coaching culture.

You can look back on our blogs on this topic if you want to learn more about the importance of building a coaching culture.

ICW 2018: Make Leaders Stronger with Coaching

Last year’s ICW HR Forum centered on the impact of adding coaching programmes to your existing leadership development initiatives.

The 70-20-10 learning and development model tells us that only 10% of the effectiveness of personal development comes from training alone. 20% comes from interactive learning methods and the 70% refers to on-the-job learning.

Coaching takes place in the 20% zone but the real work and power of coaching happens in the actions that the coachee takes in the “real world”.

When coaching is added to leadership initiatives or training, it prevents leakage of knowledge and enables learning to be made relevant to the individual.

This year’s topic: Coaching towards Empowerment

2019 is the Year of Tolerance in the UAE and many of our clients are having conversations about how they can empower their staff.

Many would say that empowerment goes hand in hand with tolerance towards others. The word empowerment naturally assumes that there is an individual or a group of people who are somehow lacking or disempowered.

Equally, we cannot empower others –we can only assist others on the journey towards empowering themselves.

Yousef Bin Lahej, the Keynote Speaker for this year’s event, will bring his experiences of using coaching as part of Dubai Government’s Community Development Authority empowerment programme. This will be followed by a panel discussion from industry experts and coaches on the value of leveraging coaching to enhance empowerment within the workplace.

After the event, there will be an Intro to Coaching workshop, and we would ask you to register your interest using the link below if you would also like to join us for this workshop.

We would like to thank the official event sponsors who have joined with North Point to deliver this event, V7 Digital, TRYP Hotel, Leila Hariri Dental Clinic, and Advantage Program.

Please register for “Coaching towards Empowerment” by following this link.

*In the UAE, ICW starts a day earlier on the 28th to reflect the UAE working week.


Sarah Anthony

Sarah Anthony Sarah is a certified coach with specialties in entrepreneur, executive, team and leadership coaching. She worked in aviation, oil & gas and educational sectors before stepping out to form North Point with Matt in 2012. Sarah is married to Nitesh and is the proud mum of a young lady called Imogen. Her favourite place in the world is Santorini, where she and Nitesh were married.

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